We are a local property development and building business that have been successfully renovating properties in the local area for over ten years now. J. Medlow Ltd is headed by single dad, Jon Medlow, who originally started over 28 years ago as a sole trader in the plumbing, heating and gas industry. Since then, Jon grew his network and his skills, adding to his own workforce, and adding property developments to his business offering. Approximately eight years ago the organisation J. Medlow Ltd was founded, to encompass and combine the different skills and services offered by Jon and his team into one multi-service business.


Today J. Medlow Ltd has experience and skills in a number of different sectors. As well as the traditional plumbing and heating, extensions and conversions we also have a great passion for restoration projects and an array of consultancy services to assist individuals with the planning and development phases of their own projects. As an organisation we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality worksmanship in conjunction with an honest and reliable service. We work with the very best architects and tradesman whilst still providing competitive prices and a personal service to ensure that our customers’ needs always remain a priority.

Outside of our day-to-day business J. Medlow Ltd actively seeks to create positive change throughout the local community and beyond, involving ourselves with a number of organisations whom operate on a local, national and international scale. As an organisation, we want our employees to feel valued, and so each organisation or charity that we are involved with represent an issue that reflects the feelings and values of our employees, from plastics in the ocean to participation in local sport.