At J. Medlow Ltd we recognise that the world is coming under increasing effects from climate change, and believe that businesses must be at the forefront in changing perspectives to tackle this massively complex issue. As a result J. Medlow Ltd has committed to using renewable energy solutions, eco-friendly building materials and technologies wherever possible to cut our own carbon footprint, and also the carbon footprints of our customers. 

As a result of our hard work we have been accredited by the Federation of Master Builders. The 'FMB' logo is a mark of quality and credibility. It helps us to stand out in a highly competitive industry as professional builders that customers can trust. 

As well as striving to provide the highest quality building solutions for our customers, through an honest and hardworking ethos, we also aspire to use our influence as a local business to positively influence the community around us. As a result, we have got involved with a number of local charities, sports clubs and organisations with the aim to create positive change on important issues close to the heart and core of our organisation.