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At J Medlow Ltd we are incredibly proud of the projects that we have completed. Please take a look at our various projects below, including guide prices, which will hopefully provide you with some inspiration to begin your own project. 


Restoration project

The remit for this project was to create a new build that looked as if it had come out of the 19th century. We achieved this by using hand-crafted stone and aged bricks to create the effect of an old cottage.
Average price for new build & bespoke joinery = £3,000 per metre
Garden landscaping, excavation, foundation work and brickwork using replica yorkstone slabs and replanting. £800 per metre.


Redesign and redevelopment

The aim of this project was to bring a tired looking 1960s house into the 21st century. We used a mix of glass and white limestone with the contrast of metal stanchions and aluminium bi-folds in 7016 anthracite. Silicote render was also used for low maintenance purposes.


Back garden excavation and landscaping

For this project we excavated into the chalk hill upon which the plot was situated. This allowed us to create and retain enough space to construct a double garage with living space and stairwell access to the upper gardens.
On this project we used a reclaimed brick from the original garage which was mixed with a new brick to create a mottled, aged look. We repointed the house to mark the junction between new and old. 
Total price of work was approximately £88,000.


1954 house restoration and redevelopment

The aim of this project was to restore and redevelop, including 3-way extensions whilst creating a seamless look and design.
This was achieved by re-using bricks and mixing them with new bricks, using an aged tile-hung cascade. The windows were removed and hardwood painted windows installed. The main roof was removed and rafters were extended to create a bigger soffit which allowed us to tie all the roofs in at the same time. We then created a limestone patio to bounce light around the building and fit in with the soft landscaping to create the desired seamless look.
Price for works = £2,500 per metre


Garage and front garden development

The most notable design feature of this project was the construction of a new garage. The photos show evidence of our bespoke roof work. Here we cut and put together the roof parts on site, which allows more space within the roof void. 
As seen = approx £4,000.


Kitchen conversion

After a successful first project we were invited back to this development to complete a further kitchen conversion. Here, walls were removed to create an open kitchen living area. Limestone was used on the floor to allow light to refract around the room. 
Approximate cost £2,500 per metre

Please note that all prices stated are guide prices. Every job we do is different and every house we service has different needs and specifications so prices may vary.

See something you like? Perhaps one of these projects has inspired your own... make an enquiry today!